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Available Parents

This year we're rotating our breeding stock.   We already have some Mommas that we're currently training and raising up.  In order for us to be able to continue doing what we love so much we need to re-home our retired Parents.  They have been apart of our family and not just breeders.  They have received lots of love from us and have given us a lot of joy, but it's time for them to bring someone else joy.  We currently have 2 available, Annie and Jack.  They're both fixed and in great health.  I will be picky as to who they go to and if I don't find  a good match, they always have a home with us. 

Annie- She is Spayed and just turned 8 years old.  She has a beautiful merle coat and is small at only 18 lbs.  She has such a fun and energetic personality.  She loves everyone she meets and is great with kids and other dogs.  She can be vocal when she's exited and loves to be around people.  She has no shy bone in her body and has been loved.  I know she will bring someone a lot of joy.

She has been potty trained in our dog room, but would need work to get her where she needs to be. I don't think it would take long.

Jack- Jack is 6 years old, neutered and around 24lbs.  He is so sweet and not as energetic.  He loves everyone, especially kids.  He can be vocal and would make a good alarm dog.  I would definitely recommend purchasing boy doggie diapers for him as he'll need some work getting him where he needs to be.  I have potty trained an older male dog and can give advise.  It's most definitely possible!  He will bring someone a lot of joy.



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