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Our Puppies come in a variety of colors

(Not Available for sale)

Hope Puppies 11/27/20
Our puppies are
well socialized.
We are a family owned business with 16 years
of breeding experience.
Our puppies
come pre-loved.
Lilly and Levi_Sue Tomlinson_edited.jpg

The best dogs come from Coventon Kennels, they are socialized by the family when you get them. Our dogs, now 4, came from Coventon Kennels and we are so truly happy to have them as part of our family! Lilly and Levi say Hello”

— Sue T.

Lola_Ellie Harvell.jpg

"Lola is the sweetest, spunkiest girl. Her disposition is great; she loves everyone, especially kids (special thanks to your kids for playing with her)."

— Ellie H.

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